Inspirational Poems can assist with Goal Setting!

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Inspirational poems. are a very important adjunct for personal goal setting and purpose driven life strategies. The emotional aspect plus the imagery benefits they provide are vital for daily inspiration.

Many years ago a good friend gave to me the first poem “LIFE'S A DREAM,” for inclusion into my personal affirmations and visualization self development folder. The inspiration and creative insight that this poem has provided through countless challenges to know thyself has been priceless.

The author is unknown however I sincerely thank them for creating a very inspirational poem.

The second poem was written by a very special friend of our family. The words written by Claire are profound with a very deep meaning. I would like to share with you "I AM THE HOUSE AND I AM THE HOME."


Far better, that sweet, impossible dream,

That castle, built too tall,

That never finds fulfillment,

Than to have no dream, at all!

It’s better, indeed, to set one’s sights,

On some far, elusive goal,

Than to spend one’s thoughts, on hopeless things,

That mars the brightest Soul!

For, one must have a dream,

That calls for aiming ever-high,

That elevates one’s thinking,

Towards the open sky!

Into a world of wondrous things,

Where Inspiration’s found,

So...never chain your dreamer’s heart,

Forever, to the ground!

For... Inspiration knows no bounds,

No prison door,

It lifts you from Life’s mundane tasks,

And, thus... the heart will soar!

Into the mighty Universe,

Where Godly-things abide,

It places you at Heaven’s Door,

That you may peep inside!

Briefly, you may take a star,

And clasp it to your breast,

To feel the breathless joy, a while,

Of one, completely blessed!

You’ll climb the tallest mountain,

Or...sail a magic stream,

For Inspiration comes to those,

With lovely things to dream!

So...let your dreamer’s heart take wings,

And drift towards the “blue,"

And, Inspiration...blissfully,

Will fly away with you!

Author Unknown (Greatly Appreciated)

Inspirational Poems provide Hope within a Challenging World!

i am the home, peace.


I am the brand new house with the smell of fresh paint and cold, clean floors. My empty rooms echo and my windows are bare. I am just four walls and a roof.

I have no character; no life. I give you a feeling of fear and loneliness.

I am the old and peaceful home full of memories from the past. My floor has a carpet of welcome and my walls are laden with paintings and sentimental drawings.

When I enter my door I have a sensation of warmth and joy. I have all the privacy I need and when I sleep in one of my rooms I sleep in tranquillity and tenderness.

Although you may have special lovingness for your old home you are now able to stamp your personality in this “house” to make it your home.

Claire Sherwood. 1990.

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