Smart Goals, vital for "Project Achieved!"

"It is a smart move to incorporate smart goals as the foundation of a purpose driven life. Combined with smart objectives, the law of attraction and focused action they provide a very solid foundation for a strong sense of direction that breaks through past limitations."

James Ferguson

smart goals, smart objectives, self confidence, belief.

“Your circumstances may be uncongenial,

but they shall not remain so if you but

perceive an ideal and strive to reach it. You

cannot travel within and stand still without.”

---James Allen.

Collating information, knowledge and strategies that relate to goal setting on the internet does not require a large degree of planning.

Excellent easy to access references to this science are in abundance along with thousands of inspirational words that motivate, designed to raise your awareness and understanding of this very important creative and life changing activity.

Fortunate is the person who attends a personal development, general training or life skill course where the trainer teaches the power of goal setting in alignment with how to compose and write a mission statement for your life.

Just taking the time to think and design your own purpose driven life. May well, become a wake up call that is important.

Additionally renaming the goal setting process to smart goals within your own values based plan is also an important point for remembering the components.

“SMART” is an acronym that is also the formula that describes the whole process required to successfully achieve any goal that you deemed important.

Is your goal,






Far to many individuals fail with long range planning and developing a smart goals program. The process is not their own, they are being led by other people's values, business and personal objectives which may long term be not in their best interests!

Take a leap of faith and look forward into the future. Create your own story board or collage of pictures for daily inspiration. Combined, with a subliminal messaging program of affirmations and visualisation strategies that aligns with your smart goals program. Live a life of positive expectancy, Unleash Enduring Freedom.

What could you really accomplish by participating within a program of goals that are SMART and of your own choosing on a continuous basis?

As an example, a few years ago my wife and myself were returning to Perth after a family holiday to Singapore. Lights had just been dimmed in the aircraft, being in a reflective mood I began to visualise and imagine a future holiday to Italy for ourselves. In order to create an anchor point for this goal I found within the Entertainment System Dean Martin's "THAT'S AMORE which I purchased and replayed dozens of times during the coming months to build the belief in the holiday goal deep within my subconscious.

The outcome of that deliberate strategy and focused planning has resulted in two holidays to Italy and other countries in recent years. The following photograph was taken on our last night in Rome a few hours before we started travelling back to Australia. The visualisation process had worked.

Coincidence I don’t think so..... The creative circle had returned.......

smart goals, visualisation, affirmations

It does not matter how big or small the project is that you are currently working upon. Long term enduring growth and success requires a lifting of awareness and intuition to a higher level. In conjunction with unshakable confidence, discipline and a winning attitude all of which are paramount. Smashing through barriers becomes a reality when it becomes your reality in both a deductive and inductive sense. The master keys are initiative, relaxation and faith in your own Reticular Activating System to assist in recognizing the opportunities. That will assist in the completion of the PROJECT or the attainment of a particular SMART GOAL.

If an elephant can be taught to create a painting, what talents and abilities could you demonstrate to the world with self confidence?

“Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.”

Edgar Cayce

elephant, elephant painting, smart move, smart goals.

"I dream my painting and then I paint my dream."

Vincent van Gogh

Commence the journey of Building Bridges to your Future!

"Break free into a life of enduring freedom using Smart Goals."

Achievement Unlock - Go For It.

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